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About a year ago I first discovered For Goodness Grape and lets just say since I have found her site I only use her lip balms.  I am writing this review simply because I love her products and I want to share them with you.  I wasn’t given anything for this review in fact she doesn’t even know that I am writing it.

The first time I ordered from her I got one that was Pear Berry flavored and I loved it.  In fact is the only lip balm that I have ever used up totally.  When I went back to her site a few weeks ago I was sad to see that she didn’t have that flavor listed anymore so I got a few other flavors and thought I would be okay with them.

After I received them I wished I had just emailed her and got the original flavor that I loved.  I love the new flavors that I got but I did email her and asked her if she would make my favorite flavor for me and she agreed.  I was so happy.  I originally order Asian Pear, Pineapple, & Dr. Pepper.  Out of those 3 the only one I really like is the Asian Pear one.  I loved the smell of the Dr. Pepper one but once I put it on my lips it reminded me of medicine for some reason.  The pineapple one is okay but I don’t reach for it first.

I love these lip balms because there are only great things in them and they feel so good on the lips.  She uses all the best products and they smell the best out of any that I have seen.  I am for sure going to keep buying her products and I recommend them to all of you!

FTC-I bought these products with my own money.  The opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own.

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