Not This Time by Vicki Hinze

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Not This Time by Vicki Hinze was interesting book to read.  At times I got bogged down in all the details that she had in the book but other times I was glad that she had all the detail that she did.  I loved all of the characters & the setting of this book and it made me want to check out the first two books in the series and see what happened in them.  That being said I understood most of what was going on so you don’t have to read them in order  but if are wanting to read all the books in the series than I would for sure suggest that you read them in order.  This book is also fast paced which is nice because it keeps you reading even at the parts where there could be less details used.  If you love suspense novels than I would for sure recommend this book to you.

Not This Time by Vicki Hinze

About The Book

Small town scandal. International terrorist attack. Who among them is the traitor?
Sara and Beth have built a multi-million dollar business together, but their once solid friendship is now strained. Beth is leery of Sara’s husband, and when he is kidnapped, authorities consider Beth their prime suspect.
Then, their small town of Seagrove Village is rocked by an act of terrorism, and Beth doesn’t know who to trust. Someone she knows is linked to the attack, but who? Is there a connection to Crossroads Crisis Center? In the midst of the confusion and fear, Beth finds herself attracted to a man from her past. She knows she shouldn’t fall in love with him, but she can’t resist or even explain their bond. As her world unravels around her, she wonders, is it possible to be beyond redemption?

Vicki Hinze

About The Author

Vicki is the award-winning author of 30 novels, 4 nonfiction books and hundreds of articles. She’s recognized as an author and as an educator by Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.

Vicki mentors writers through her Writers’ Zone program and has for well over a decade.

Currently she’s writing faith-affirming thrillers and inspirational romantic suspense. Her latest releases are SURVIVE THE NIGHT, Book #1 in her Lost, Inc. series, and NOT THIS TIME, Book #3 in her Crossroads Crisis Center series. Books 2 and 3 in Lost, Inc. will be released next.

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