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This week for the writers workshop I picked to write about 2.) Amy Winehouse died. Another name amidst a growing list of talented celebrities lost to addiction. Your reaction.

It makes me sad to hear about anyone who dies because of their addictions.  There are tons of people each year that die because of addictions and yet people only seem to care about the celebrities.  It makes me sad to know that people do die because their brains think they need the drugs and alcohol.   When I in college the fall Sophomore year, which is the same sememster that I got pregnant, I moved into a new dorm apartment and I was living with 2 drug addicts.  I would go home on weekends because I worked at Kmart by my parents house.  I would leave on Friday afternoons and when I got back Sunday night they were still on the couch when they had been when I left.  I was going home for Thanksgiving and I realized that I hadn’t seen the roommate what was staying in the dorms for the holiday.  After I left I knew something was wrong so I called the housing office and had them go and check on her.  By the time I got home which was 45 minutes later or so I got a call from one of the campus cops I knew that they found her dead.  She was big into prescription drugs.  The night before she had passed out on her bathroom floor but she was breathing and I refused to babysit grow adults.  When I woke up in the morning she wasn’t there anymore so I figured she had moved into her room.

It was such a shock to realize that her addictions killed her.  I still look back and I can see what was happening and I watched her get in so deep with her addiction that it killed her.  I moved home during Christmas break and I have always wondered what ever happened to the other roommate.  I know she was into drugs heavy as well and I wonder if they killed her or if she is still around.  I always hoped that she got sober but I doubt that she did.  I hate to hear about other people that die because of their addictions because it is such a waste of a life.  They miss out on so much all because of a drug they think they need to survive. 

We need to focus more on the everyday people that die then on the celebrities that pass way.  It is sad that they die but they do have more resources to get sober if they want to.  Average people don’t have the resources that celebrities do to get sober.  We need to make more programs for people that need/want to get sober.

That post is random but that is how my brain works!  I hope everyone has a great Thursday!
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