Lack Of Respect

A child who is allowed to be disrespectful to his parents will not have true respect for anyone.
Billy Graham

I am writing this post because I am worried that children in America are not being taught to respect other people.  You see all to often that people today want respect but don’t think they need to show respect.  It pisses me off to see how teenagers are treating their parents and even other teenagers that they don’t like.  I know when I was in high school there always was groups of kids that didn’t get along but for the most part we left each other alone.  Now it seems like kids go out of their way to make other people miserable.  I am having a hard time watching people do and seeing people I care about get hurt by family members.  I don’t get along with most of my family but I just ignore them.  I don’t go out of my way to hurt them.  How can a child be so disrespectful to the person who gave birth to them?  I had a rough childhood to say the least and I still can’t bring myself to disrespect my parents.  I can’t figure out why parents aren’t teaching their kids respect anymore.  How can parents sit back and be okay with their children bullying kids to the point that they commit suicide and even after the kid has passed away they are still saying rude things to them.  I truly can’t believe what the world is coming to.  You may not like everyone or even get along with everyone but you can leave them alone and not go out of your way to make people miserable.  Why people just leave each other alone.  Hell it isn’t just kids that bully either.  I have to wonder where the lack of respect has come from and if it will ever change.  I know I am rambling but I really want to know why people have changed so much and how parents can sit by and let their child treat people with such a lack of respect. 

I guess that is all I can say about it.  I am sure that I will post about this subject again because it is such a huge problem in today’s world.


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  1. This is an issue and it drives me nuts, too. My daughter, 9, has a few friends who are very respectful. They always say hi to their friends' parents and use Mrs/Mr. Other friends of hers aren't very respectful to those around them at all.

  2. My man's two kids (13 & 18) are incredibly rude and disrespectful to others, especially when things don't go their way. The sad part is that none of the adults have the balls to say anything about it, but me. This is probably why they don't like me. lol

  3. says:

    Man, I totally agree. My oldest is only 6, but I have seen the lack of respect coming on hard lately. It drives me nuts. We work on it daily, but it is a never ending battle. I just want to know who she is learning it from. It's not only me, it's her friends too. Anyway, liking you from the Wednesday blog hop. Heather

  4. CRichman says:

    gfc follower from the hop please stop by

  5. I have always taught my child "if you have nothing nice to say. Say nothing."
    It's hard when they are growing up and your child is picked on but I have taught my daughter to stand up for herself (in a nice way, no calling names)
    and walk away. She has her days but all and all she is a pretty good kid.

    Thanks for following

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