Tuesdays With Jacqui & Day 19-A Talent Of Mine


Anger? Where the hell does it come from? Are we born with knowing what anger is and how to understand it? Or do we learn it from everything around us? Do we learn it from TV, people we are around, or just the environment that we live in.

Is anger the same as hate, or are they different? Does anger grow from hate and from being hurt or is it the other way? Why is it so easy to grow hate inside your heart but it’s so hard to get rid of it? Is it that anger is easier to deal with and you don’t have to work at it? Is getting rid of its just too hard? Anger makes you loose so many things; lose jobs, relationships, family and friends. Anger makes you commit crimes and just do shit that you would never do or approve of when you’re not angry. So why deal with it anymore, why not fix it to make your life better? I hear from a lot of people saying that anger what’s keeping them alive but wouldn’t having love in their life make their life so much happier.
This topic sucks as well.  I personally don’t think I have talents but people tell me I do.  Some people tell me that I am good at making things with photoshop but I can’t make what I want to make so I don’t think I am any good at that.  Here is some thing that I have made using photoshop.  The writing on the picture is the quote at the top of page from Bride Wars!

Now for a update that will either give you chills or make you laugh at what idiots for cats I have.  So my grandparents have a cat named Vinnie.  He is older that my two and should be smarter than them as well.  On Friday night I guess while he was outside he caught a mouse and brought it back to Sylvia.  He does this all the time and I am not really sure why.  I mean every time he brings them to her she plays with them for a few minutes and then gets bored and walks away from them.  She hasn’t put together that they are a source of food which is okay with me because she tends to throw up if she eats raw meat.  Anyways, I had the back slider open so they could come and go through what we now call the cat door.  It is actually a big hole in the screen door that Sylvia made one year and now they just come and go as they please.  So I got up for some reason and saw Sylvia playing with something on the ground.  I turn on a light and freak out because the little shit brought in a live mouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the process of trying to get it out she loses interest and just walks away.  It ends up getting away from me and goes somewhere in the kitchen.  At this point I am not sure what I should do so I go to Wal-Mart and buy mouse traps.  I get home put them out and try to go back to sleep.  Now fast forward to Sunday night.  I walk in the kitchen and there is the mouse but this time it looks like it back had gotten broken.  My brother finally catch’s it and we put it in the garden because neither of us could kill it.  We are big wimps when it comes to that stuff.
Now I have to wonder where in the hell did my cat get the idea it was okay to bring them in the house and then leave when she is bored.  I will never get how the cat thinks and to make it even more crazy the only cat that was trying to catch it was Elinore and she has no claws!  Go Figure. 

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  1. That's funny! At least your brother was able to get it back outside for you.

  2. blueviolet says:

    That's awful!!! I was thinking that it would be bad to bring in a dead mouse, but it would actually be better if it had been dead!

    As for the anger issue, I agree that it is SO hard to get rid of it once you get it!

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