Day 14-Non-Fictional Book~Writers Workshop

This is the last non-fictional book that I have read all the way through.  I tried to read The Zoo Keepers Wife but I just couldn’t get through it it.  Her writing for me was super hard to get through. I think it was because she spent so much time describing things instead of just telling the story.  The only non-fictional books that I enjoy reading are about the Holocaust.  For some reason that time period has always interested me.  I love to read the stories of the Jews that survived and the ones that didn’t.
One of this weeks prompts for Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop was to list 50 things that I look for in a man.  Since I am going through a divorce and what not I figure this would be a fun one to do.  Now the question is if I can really make a list of 50 things.  I am going to try but I am not going to make any promises on it.  Oh and they are not in any order.

  1. Respectful
  2. Responsible
  3. Caring
  4. Not scared of the MS
  5. Understanding
  6. Kind
  7. Helpful
  8. Love’s my girls like I do
  9. Treats their mom right
  10. Likes animals
  11. Would be willing to serve in the military if asked to do so or already in the military
  12. Funny
  13. Happy
  14. Willing to work and pay bills
  15. Good credit
  16. Not a cheater
  17. Honest
  18. Willing to help others
  19. Not controlling
  20. Realizes that I have my own brain and that I will use it!
  21. Not scared of a women who speaks her mind
  22. Gets along with my family
  23. Like quiet time some of the time
  24. Doesn’t put his friends before me all of the time.  I understand that at times it is okay but all the time just gets to be too much
  25. Has plans and goals for the future
  26. Respects family
  27. Is okay with me not wanting to have my own kids but I am okay with them having kids already.
  28. Good work ethic

Okay all I could come up with was 28 so that is all you are going to get!!!!

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  1. Single and Sane says:

    It's hard to get to 50. I couldn't do it either. Your list is just right!

  2. blueviolet says:

    You picked some great characteristics!

  3. That's a very good list!

    I also like to read books about the Holocaust. The stories of survival are absolutely fascinating and inspiring!

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