Tempered Justice

About The Book

by Helene J. Smith

After more than a decade, Dan runs into his former love, Steffi, at a bar, and they both find they still have a long-buried, consuming love between them. There are a couple of problems, though—Dan is married to Amy and has three children, and Steffi is also married. Although both are in unhappy marriages, they still do not wish to hurt their spouses, so they keep their affair a secret—until Steffi becomes pregnant with Dan’s child.

Knowing he is unable to have children, Jack, Steffi’s husband, suspects Steffi is having an affair and swears to kill the man if he ever finds him. Meanwhile, after Dan walks out on Amy, proclaiming his love for another woman, Amy sits nearly comatose every day in a rocking chair for nearly four years while her eldest daughter and son struggle with the sudden burdens of running the household and taking care of Lilli, the youngest child.

At first Jack doesn’t confront Steffi about the pregnancy but ironically, he hires Amy as an employee at his bar. Neither Jack nor Amy know the extreme connection they have with each other until pieces of the puzzle start to come together.

What will happen when Jack finds out about Steffi’s baby? Will he accept the child as his or abandon Steffi, the love of his life? And what will become of Amy and Dan’s children, left alone to care for themselves? Tempered Justice is a generational saga that follows the lives of two families intertwined through love, revenge and, hopefully, happiness.

My Review & Thoughts

This book takes place during the depression. It is about a man who runs into his long lost love but is married to someone else. I loved the authors writing but I really struggled with the concept of the book and how things played out. I think it was hard for me to get into because of the time period the book takes place. I honestly thought that the characters all acted super weird and I just could get into what was going on.

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Prescription to Kill

Back Of The Book

In a large teaching hospital in Dallas, Texas, the neurosurgery department has the usual mix of new and old interns with their usual mix of problems, but it also has a couple of unexpected and unexplained deaths.…

Joan Murdock, first-year neurosurgery intern, can’t save the life of a good friend whose death simply doesn’t make sense—or maybe makes too much sense….Next is a hospital pharmacist who perhaps knew too much….And then a grim attack on Joan herself….

The method’s unusual; the motive’s chilling. Add to the potent brew a couple of torrid love affairs and a secret drug addiction, and somebody’s got a…


My Review

I loved this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I could not put this book down because the characters are doctors and it is a mystery.  I have never read a book like this before and now I am hooked on them.   I loved the characters and I was sad when one of the main characters gets killed.  I was also rooting for her best friend to figure out who killed her.  Now I knew the main person they thought killed her didn’t do it but I couldn’t figure out who really did it.  Every chapter when they found out something new I would change who I thought did it but I never would have figured out who really did it.  After I found out who did it I just sat there in shock because I never would have guessed in 100 years that they did it.  I also loved how the author wrote a little bit about most of the main characters right at the beginning so you would know a little about them and also so you can go back and look at them if you forget who someone is and how they tie into the story.

I can’t any enough good things about this book!  Everyone needs  to read this book!  Go here and pick the book up you won’t regret it!

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Behind The Iron Curtain

About the Book

The book is about Maxim Starchenko’s experience on Druzhba-78 between 1986 and 1996. The story graphically describes the cruelty and inhumanity of the team’s only coach, Ivan Pravilov. He abused and constantly reprimanded his players for his own entertainment and personal satisfaction. The book describes the author’s constant struggle for survival and eventual road to recovery. Maxim faced adversity on two fronts, with his coach and his misunderstanding parents, doubling the burden. The author hopes his book will encourage other former players to step forward and make Ivan Pravilov accountable for his actions. More so, it raises an important question of why this monster continues to instruct children and live comfortably in the United States.

My Review

I was totally disgusted that someone could treat people the way the coach treated his players.  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse the coach would do something that is worse than what was done before.  I can’t even imagine what it was like to be treated like these boys were treated.  I will never understand how the parents didn’t do anything to stop it or even look into what was going on.  I was shocked that he would go home after some of the incidents and him mom would by his story about getting hit in the head with a puck.  It makes me sad to think that things like this could still be going on and no one will stop it.  I wonder how many people really knew what was going on but didn’t say anything or try and stop it.

I am so glad that he wrote this book and I hope that it will open peoples eyes.  I hope that after people read this book they will stop any abuse that they see going on or that they think might be going on.  I am truly surprised that the man who wrote this never died from some of things he was put through.   I think everyone should read this book and have their eyes opened to what goes on in other countries.

FTC-Received this book from Dorrance Publishing in exchange for my review.  The opinions in this review are 100% mine and I received no other compensation.
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