I recently have started watching YouTube video’s and am totally disgusted in what I have seen these past few months.  I am disgusted that there are people who have nothing better to do than  watch a video someone has put on there and then leave nasty rude comments.  If I don’t like a video that I watch I just leave the page and don’t subscribe to their channel or read their blog.  There is no reason that any human being needs to bully anyone else.  I am so tired of hearing about all the bullying that happens to people.  I don’t agree with everything I see or read but I am not going to bully someone because I don’t agree with them.  They believe what they believe and I believe what I believe.

Also I don’t understand how people can be so rude to people they have never met.  I can pretty much guarantee you that the people doing this wouldn’t say anything to the persons face if they did meet them.  At work there is a policy that says that “Do not write anything in an email message that is inappropriate to say to others face-to-face.”.  I believe that everyone needs to follow this rule.  If you can’t say it to the person’s face then you shouldn’t say it at all.

I grew up being bullied so now I don’t stand or it or even deal with it.  I have been lucky this far because no one has been mean to me yet in the blogging world but I don’t think it will stay that way forever.  I am sure at some point there will be people trying to bully me but I also know that I personally won’t allow it to happen.  I won’t stand for it and I also won’t acknowledge the people that are doing the bullying.  I believe that the bullies love the attention they get when they bully people so the keep  doing it.   I am sure if everyone just ignored them then they wouldn’t keep it up.

If anyone is being bullied hang in there I know it is hard but you can make it.  It will be a hard fight but I made it and I know all of you can make is as well.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has an even better New Years!

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I usually don’t bring up current events on my blog but when I say this story I knew I had to say something.  I am disgusted that teachers treat students like this.  How in the hell can someone treat anyone like they treated this poor girl.  What makes it even worse to me is the fact that the teacher is still teaching kids!  Bullying is horrible  and never should happen but what makes it worse is the fact that this poor beautiful girl was being bullied by the people that should keep her safe and make sure that no one hurts her.  Everyday I see more and more children committing suicide because of bullying and something really needs to be done.  How can anyone live with themselves knowing that they pushed someone to kill themselves and how can a teacher do this to a child.  I was bullied and it make me so sad to see so many children get bullied and now to know that teachers maybe doing it as well as other students breaks me heart.

There isn’t much more to say other than the teacher needs to lose her license so that she is no longer around children!

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