Top Three Thursdays

What are your top 3 quirks?
  1. The first one is that I am a number fanatic.  I only like odd numbers and I go to the extreme of adding the two numbers together.  For example if the number is 17 I will add 1+7=8 so that is a bad number for me.
  2. I eat in my sleep.  I will wake up and find crumbs and what not in bed because I eat and I don’t even know  I am doing it.
  3. I yell at my “cubs” like they are true children and sometimes people on my blog think they are really children. 

My First Top Three

This is the first week I have done this MeMe but it doesn’t sound to hard and I really like the topic this time.  They give you a question and you list your top three things.  This weeks question is:  
What are your Top 3 favorite things about spring?

  1. Warm weather is always a nice thing but everyone in Utah knows how bi-polar the spring time weather tends to be.
  2.  It says light longer which means that I don’t have to drive to and from work in the dark.
  3. The girls go out side more which means I get more sleep and they don’t try and kill each other all the time.

That is all there is to it!  You all should try it!

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