My First Top Three

This is the first week I have done this MeMe but it doesn’t sound to hard and I really like the topic this time.  They give you a question and you list your top three things.  This weeks question is:  
What are your Top 3 favorite things about spring?

  1. Warm weather is always a nice thing but everyone in Utah knows how bi-polar the spring time weather tends to be.
  2.  It says light longer which means that I don’t have to drive to and from work in the dark.
  3. The girls go out side more which means I get more sleep and they don’t try and kill each other all the time.

That is all there is to it!  You all should try it!

Margaret Tidwell

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  1. Shannon says:

    Spring mean Trees are in bud…lots of pink trees around here so pretty!

  2. It's a gorgeous almost-Spring day here in Louisiana. I can't wait to get the window boxes filled with petunias and the geraniums pots lining the steps of my front porch. Have a great day!

  3. I hate leaving to go to and come home from work in the dark!

    I grabbed your new button!

  4. Bridgette says:

    1. warm weather
    2. warm weather
    3. warm weather


  5. Semi-Slacker Mom says:

    Great top 3! Spring is bi-polar in the South too!

  6. The Brown Recluse says:

    This has been the longest winter for the south that I can remember…so our Spring is being bipolar, too.
    I am ready for the time to change, too. Along with Spring, that will give me lots of sunshine after I get off work.
    I'm really, really ready for spring.

  7. Melissa Mashburn says:

    I am so ready for spring.

  8. I think I'm the opposite of you. I'd rather drive home in the dark and drive to work in the daylight.

    If it's not daylight when my butt is dragging outta bed, it's no gooooood!

  9. Confessions From A Working Mom says:

    Oooh, I really like your answer to #2. I was just talking to a co-worker about how I'll actually leave work when it's still light out once the time changes. Next weekend, right?

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  10. Arizona Mamma says:

    Love your answer about the "girls." Anything for more sleep works for me!

  11. The (Un)Experienced Mom says:

    I also love that it stays lighter longer. It makes me so tired when it gets dark around 430pm. Just not right!

    Thanks for playing our game!


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