Today for the Writers Workshop I chose to do #1 which is: It was a bad burn. Tell about the worst sunburn you ever received. How did that happen!?!

The worst sunburn I ever had was when I went to Georgia to visit my mom’s dad and step mom in the summer of 2001 with my little brother.  We drove with my grandparents up to South Carolina to meet a couple of her siblings that we had never met because we were raised by my dad’s parents.  So one day my Aunt took my little brother and me to a Six Flags park where we spent the whole day on the rides and what not.  Me being the idiot I am decided that since I had never burned before that I would be okay and I didn’t need to wear sun screen.  Well I was super wrong on that part.  I have only been burnt like that once and I will never do it again.  It was super painful and I was super sick for the next few days.

I looked last night for a picture of it but I couldn’t find one to scan in so hopefully I will have one in a few days for everyone to see!