Queens MeMe

1. Name one thing you’d like to change about yourself
I wish I had higher self esteem.
2. If you wave a magic wand and be done with all the small petty nuisances in your life, what you would have “be gone” first?
My idiot husband!!!!
3. Do you collect and save your spare change in a jar?
I collect it in a bag so ya I do!  I save it up and then turn it in once I have a big bag full.
4. Change your world. What is our biggest concern as a global humanity?
Not taking care of the planet.  People waste so much stuff!
5. What would you have changed about your last relationship or the one you’re in now?
I would change the fact that I was even in a relationship with his dumb ass!
6. If you could reverse the course of history in a time machine, what would you do and how do you think the world would be different today?
I would make sure the Holocaust didn’t happen. That is the one thing that I wish I could change.
7. Who would you like to change into a toad?
My husband and once he was a toad I would run his dumb ass over!!!!
8. What is the first thing you change into when you get home from work?
I take a bath and get ready for bed!
9. If you could change places with anyone in the world for one day, who would that be?
Oprah-I would love to know what having that much money feels like.  I would also like to do good with some of her money!
10. Have you ever heard the expression “turn over a new leaf?” What is under your old one?
A lot of mistakes that I am trying to fix-Like marrying a total idiot!

11. Name one thing that can cause you to immediately change your mood.
My cats.  If I am having a bad day they can always make me feel better and put a smile on my face.
12. What have you recently (or ever) had a change of heart about? And why?
Getting married.  I wish I never would have gotten married.  I don’t have the personality to be married that is for sure!
13. When is the last time you changed the oil in your car?
Like 5 months ago and I am going to change it on the 1st of October because that is my next day off of work!

The Last Time…

When was the last time you……

rolled your eyes
Probably at work last week
Tied your shoe
I can’t remember because i don’t untie my shoes when I take them off.
reorganized your bedroom
The last few weeks because it needed to be cleaned
Took a walk in the park
On Friday
Chewed gum
On my way home from camping
drew a stick person
I can’t even remember the last time
activated something

On Saturday
Took a photograph
Sunday while I was camping
Drank a milkshake
ate orange jello
Years ago
google mapped an address
Can’t remember the last time I did that either.
sang your favorite song
On the way home today
made a peace globe. (Please show us!)
I have never made one
Threw a baseball
Years and years ago
Fumbled with a button
This afternoon

answered the doorbell

Probably a few weeks ago but I really try not to answer the door.
Spilled your drink
It has been awhile for that one but I am sure it will happen soon or later because of the MS
administered CPR

I have never had to do it

looked in the mirror

About an hour ago
testified in court
I have never had to do that thank good!
Made a sarcastic remark
Earlier today
Offered someone advice
I try not to do that because I don’t think I have advice to give
Watched a sunrise or sunset
This morning
Were jealous
Last week
Smiled when you didn’t feel like smiling
Almost everyday
Loved when you didn’t feel like loving
I don’t know
Ironed an article of clothing
Probably high school
noticed you didn’t give a damn
Every day!!!!!!
had a mammogram

Read your horoscope
Saturday and today
Held someone’s hand
Crossed a bridge
threw away a candy wrapper
Last week at work
Sat on a bench
Yesterday at the camp ground
turned a page
Yesterday when I was reading my book
tripped over your own 2 feet
Today when I got home
Sat on a beach
Years ago when I was in Elementary school
dialed the wrong number
Haven’t done that recently
Ignored a phone call
Yesterday because there are people that I don’t want to talk to ever again!
Kissed a bride
I have never done that
A few months ago-I have never been able to get into it though.  It doesn’t interest me at all
Rode a roller coaster
It has been along time because of my back 
you were really you
Yesterday and today
Cried yourself to sleep
Saturday night
Were speechless
Yesterday and it doesn’t happen that often either
rode a bus
Not since I went to college at Weber State
went to a funeral
A few years ago but I hardly ever go to them because I hate dead bodies
were right
Not sure but it doesn’t happen very often 


I have never done that
were left
I can’t remember the last time that someone left me but it is always a fear of mine
Probably Friday while I was at work
bent over
Today when I got home
sent a text message
Today to Squirrel and Pear
Lit a candle
A few months ago
Lost your temper
Saturday while I was arguing the Josh
fell off a horse
When I was little and I haven’t gotten on a horse since then
changed the oil in your car
Beginning of May
Added a new FACEBOOK friend
Last week at work
went bowling
It has been about a year or so because when I worked at the nursing home it ruined my shoulders
Laughed uncontrollably
Yesterday in the car-I laughed for about 30 mins about the same thing
Felt guilty
Looked up a word in the dictionary
A few weeks ago
returned from the point of no return
In January when I decided I was done being married to a man who doesn’t care at all about me.
couldn’t remember your name
I don’t know that I have ever forgotten my name but I am sure it will happen sooner or later
surrendered to temptation
It has been awhile
felt genuinely happy
On Sunday!
saw a famous person
That depends on what you think famous is
kissed in a car
A few weeks ago
Sent a greeting card
Christmas time
used your passport
Never because I don’t have one yet
yelled at your television
During football season
confided a secret
All the time to squirrel
changed your blog template

It has been a few weeks since I have done that-Although I just had a post separate done

danced like no one was watching

It has been a few weeks
wrote in cursive
I don’t even remember the last time because I am not good at all
took a driving test
When I was 17 and getting my license
Backed up your computer files
Not recently but I am going to do that ASAP
When was the last time you said this was the last time?

In January when I told Josh I was done and there was no going back this time

Double Dipping . . . Again!

If I never see ___my husband____again it will be too soon.

2. Should I meet my Maker tomorrow, I would ask for one more day on earth to __say goodbye to my family and friends__.

3. Never in my life have I ____had a headache____like I did today.

4. I should always allow more time to __be around family & friends_______.

5. I should’ve never listened to ___idiots______ while under the influence of _____alcohol________.

6. I never ____have gotten stuck____in my car but I should always carry ____a blanket_______with me just in case.

7. I should spend more money on __blogging_____ because it makes me happy. I should spend less money on ____junk food_____because it makes me sad.

8. ___Food & drinks_____ should never be shared with strangers.

9. I should tell ___Misti________that I never really meant to __let her down___.

10. Never in a million years would I want you to know ____a secret that I am not going to write because if I did write it then you would know_____.