Double Dipping . . . Again!

If I never see ___my husband____again it will be too soon.

2. Should I meet my Maker tomorrow, I would ask for one more day on earth to __say goodbye to my family and friends__.

3. Never in my life have I ____had a headache____like I did today.

4. I should always allow more time to __be around family & friends_______.

5. I should’ve never listened to ___idiots______ while under the influence of _____alcohol________.

6. I never ____have gotten stuck____in my car but I should always carry ____a blanket_______with me just in case.

7. I should spend more money on __blogging_____ because it makes me happy. I should spend less money on ____junk food_____because it makes me sad.

8. ___Food & drinks_____ should never be shared with strangers.

9. I should tell ___Misti________that I never really meant to __let her down___.

10. Never in a million years would I want you to know ____a secret that I am not going to write because if I did write it then you would know_____.

Margaret Tidwell

I am a 33-year-old blogger. I write about my life and my struggles with Multiple Sclerosis. I also am a huge bookworm, and I have been doing book reviews for years now. I even blog about adoption, Multiple Sclerosis, and things that go on in my life.

Margaret Tidwell

Margaret Tidwell

Margaret Tidwell

Margaret Tidwell

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  1. Brittney says:

    Your posties are cute I like them… Im married but I agree men suck ass! haha!!!

    I should spend less money on junk food too.. it makes me sad as well but its a love hate relationship! haha

  2. Lisa Anne says:

    Seriously, right. Like Emmitt my new kitten really needs to chill out at night. He sleeps all day and then it's like he goes crazy at night. Even Chloe my other kitten thinks he's crazy wild. It must be a boy thing.

  3. GregoryJ says:

    I'm stealing this meme.


  4. I am Lee-Ann... says:

    Sounds like you have a crazy cat! I swear I threaten mine with death all the time and they don't seem to care. LOL

  5. blueviolet says:

    But aren't you glad that blogging doesn't cost money?? I hope your headache goes away!!!

    I have secrets I will never tell either. Ever.

  6. Now THIS is a double dip I can get behind! Nice job!!!

  7. I like this very much..thanks for sharing…now I have an award for you come on by and grab it!

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