Dr. Steve Maraboli – Quote Of The Week

The quote I chose for this week is by Dr. Steve Maraboli.

I chose this quote because like most of the quotes from this past month I am working on staying positive and not letting negative people affect me.  I work in the construction field and more times than not customers come in pissed off or call pissed off, and it always has rubbed off on me.  I have actually been making an effort to not let other people make me upset when I am at work.  I have though gotten to the point at work where I don’t really care is someone doesn’t like me because of one reason or another.  I just reached the point in life where I am happy with who I am so why I should stress because someone I work with doesn’t like me?  If they have a valid reason, then I have no problem listening to what they are saying and trying to make a change, but most times I just ignore people because no one will come up and talk to me about it.  Those are just a few of the thoughts I have about this quote.

What do you think about this week’s quote by Dr. Steve Maraboli?

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