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June by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore was a weird book, and I still am not sure if that is a good thing or not.  There are parts of the book where the house is talking, and that threw my off throughout the entire book.  I am sure that was because this is the first book I have read where the house is a big part of the story.  I didn’t like Lindie right from the start because she seemed like a person that if they were alive, I wouldn’t get along with because they just get on my nerves.  I always have to smile when I end up hating a character because it means that the author did a great job of making me feel like the characters and alive and real people.  I did find myself just scanning some of the pages because I felt like there were way too many details and unneeded information in this book.  I liked how they went between current times and the 1950’s because it gave me a better idea of what the characters were actually feeling.  In the end, I did like most of the book, but there are parts I think they could have left out or cut down.

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MIRANDA BEVERLY-WHITTEMORE is the author of three other novels: New York Times bestseller Bittersweet; Set Me Free, which won the Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize, given annually for the best book of fiction by an American woman; and The Effects of Light. A recipient of the Crazyhorse Prize for Fiction, she lives and writes in Brooklyn.

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