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Don’t Let Go by Skye Warren wasn’t at all what I thought I would be.  I have to say that I was sucked in and didn’t want to put it down and I am not sure why.  While I was reading there were times I had to put the story down and go do something else because parts of it did get to me.  I was shocked at parts of it and I felt like I was there with Samantha and I also could see what she made the choices that she did.  I really enjoyed this book even when I was sitting back thinking how messed up things were in this book.  I can’t wait to check out more books by her soon!

About The Book

Junior FBI Agent Samantha Holmes is assigned the case of a lifetime, along with an enigmatic new partner, Ian Hennessy. She’s determined to prove herself to the bureau legend, but late nights and stolen moments lead to more than respect. They lead to desire, and soon she’s fallen for the one man forbidden.

Together they hunt for the FBI’s most wanted man. A criminal. A psychopath. But when they get close, Samantha may end up prey instead. She must face her dark past to stay alive—and to protect the man she loves.

About The Author

Skye Warren writes unapologetic erotica, where pain and sex and love collide. The Forbidden Bookshelf called her “a true mistress of dark and twisted erotica.” Her dark erotica books have reached the erotica bestseller lists on Amazon and have been Top Picks at such sites as Night Owl Reviews and The Romance Reviews.

“Dark, disturbing, haunting, and beautiful, Skye Warren will take you into the depths of depravity but bring you home, safe in the end.” – Kitty Thomas, author of Comfort Food


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