A Whole New Low

So I am going to be brave and post this on this blog.  I will find out if the ex reads it or not after this post but I have to let the world in on what the idiot did this time.  I was talking to Tim who I met through my husband and I still talk to him from time to time.  He had called me because he had talked to a mutual friend of my husbands and his and had gotten a great story on my husband. 

So I guess my husband was training a student named Brad.  I guess at some point my husband got the number to his students wife and started text messaging her.  We are sure what they talked about but lets just say my “lovely” husband told his students wife not to tell her husband.  Which she turned around and did.  Now if it were me and someone was talking to my husband and told them not to tell me I would kick their ass!!!  His student wouldn’t do it.  I always knew my husband was a total jerk but I didn’t know he would really go this low.  Every time I think about it I am amazed that he really is that big of a douce-bag.  It takes a special person to think that doing that is right!!!!!

Oh at the best part of the whole thing is I guess the same mutual friend was sticking up for me when my husbands student was calling me a bitch.  First off I am proud to say I am a bitch but find is sweet that someone who has never met me knows that I am not one thanks to Tim.  After the friend told the student what my husband did to me he changed his tune!!!!!!  I was shocked that a total stranger would do  that for me but I am okay being the bitch!  Now I need to meet this person and thank them for standing up for me but tell them I am okay being the bitch because I know the truth about what happened in my marriage!

I found it funny and gross that I found all this out.  I am shocked he really is that kind of person but at the same time it doesn’t really surprise me to much.  I hope you all enjoyed the newest development with my idiot husband!!!!!!