A Trend I Don’t Understand

Crazy Fashion Trends

Last week for the writers workshop one of the prompts was about a trend I don’t understand.  So when I think of trends that are going on right now all I can think of is the shirts that look like you are wearing old drapes or an old couch that could be found in someones attic.

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I mean who in the heck wants to walk around looking like you are wearing a couch???  I have never been one to follow what the trend is or anything like that but these last few years I haven’t seen anything for the most part that I would actually wear.

I was looking at trends for Spring 2013 and I saw that people are wearing things that make you you look fat???  How does that work?  I mean why in the heck would I want to wear something like this:


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I don’t think I need clothes to make myself look fatter thanks though!  I don’t how clothes like this are flattering at all for anyone.   I am also sure that most people don’t put on their clothes hoping to be fatter or at least I don’t that is for sure.

Do you like either of these fashion trends?  Would you wear them? What trends can’t you stand?

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