5 Years

I was going to write something for the writers work shop this week but non of the prompts really jumped out at me so I went to NaBloPoMo and they have prompts you can use to write about so I am going to pick on of them and write about that.  The one that I chose is: What do you want your life to be like in five years?  

Lets see in five years from today I will 30 about to turn 31.  This is hard because I have a hard time lately knowing what I want my life to be like right now.  I guess in 5 years I would like to be at a job that pays my bills and maybe even allows me to move out of my grandparents house.  I also want to have the MS be stable.   It would be so great for people not to know that I am sick unless I tell them that I am sick.  I am lucky right now because unless I tell you that I am sick you can’t tell I am.  It is nice for people not to know I am sick.  If people know they tend to treat me differently than before they knew that I was sick.  I hate when people are jerks to me until they find out I am sick then they try and be my best friend.  I also don’t care if I am with someone or not.  As long as I am happy where I am at the rest of it doesn’t really matter.   I just want to be happy with what is going on and where I am at is all.

Well that is what I hope my life will be like in 5 years.  I hope everyone has a great Thursday!