Letter To Her Children

To My Children; May I Show You The Sunrise

Dear Daughter or Son;,

You are only a Newborn Baby at this time you rely on me for many things. You trust that when you cry I will care for your needs, whether they be feeding or changing, or even just letting you know that you’re not alone. As I cradle your little body I can’t help but feel of the tenderness and sweetness of your spirit. Your needs are so simple right now. Someday though, you will have to face the world. At that time, you will rely on me to help show you the way.

The world can sometimes be an ugly place. I would teach you to see the beauty that we often times just don’t take the time to notice. To take a moment to notice the brilliance of colors staining Florida clouds at dusk. To walk barefoot through dew covered grass. To play follow-the-leader with a butterfly as it dances from flower to flower.

I would teach you to love your fellowmen. Whether black or white, your orientation, short or tall, big or small, all of these are children of God, and thus, your brothers and sisters. Find the goodness in them. Extend your arms to them, encircling them in love and kindness. Learn to truly love them by serving them. It is through service that your heart will fully open to those who you might otherwise despise.

I would teach you to show gratitude, for there is much in life to be thankful for. If we fail to give thanks, then we begin to become apathetic. On the other hand, when we show gratitude we begin to see just how blessed our lives truly are.

I would teach you to always continue learning. It is through learning that the world continues to better itself. Lack of education lends hand to poverty, to crime, hate, and violence; all things ugly are a form of ignorance. Likewise, all that is beautiful can only be appreciated when one knows how to appreciate it.

I would teach you to love yourself. You are a daughter or son; of God, and that makes your spirit; one of nobility. Always remember who you are. You are of great worth. You, my daughter or son, have a work to do on this earth, a work that only you can accomplish. Through knowing who you are you can learn to love yourself. Then you will never want to do anything that would keep you from your potential.

I would teach you to search out your talents and gifts and then use these to better the lives of yourself, your family, and your community. Each of us have these gifts. Whether it is the ability to sing well, or having the ability to make another happy, these are all talents. By using our talents we will continue to develop them more fully and increase the joy in our lives.

I would teach you to develop virtuous attributes. Honesty, integrity, diligence, these are all virtues that are not always easy to obtain, but they help us to keep a clear conscience.

Above all, I would teach you to seek for truth. Search with not only your mind, but also your heart and when truth is found hold to it. Never let go. My greatest hope is that you will have peace and joy in your life. I would teach you that truth will bring you happiness.

We are only just beginning our quest through life together. I don’t know what lies ahead for us. I do know, however, that as a mother I will make mistakes and that as a daughter or son; you will sometimes be angry with me. At times you will be hurt by the things of the world and I may not be able to remove that pain. Sometimes, I may feel as if I have failed you.

I suppose this is all part of motherhood. Yet, if I can help make your path through this world more joyful, if I can help you find true happiness, even though you may receive some bumps and bruises along the way, then I will know that I have been successful as a mother.

You life has only begun, but let me show you a sunset…

Love, Mom

© 1999 Pamela Bianco Johnson
To My Children; May I Show You The Sunrise

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