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This week for the writers workshop I chose 5.) 10 reasons why you could not be a real housewife from any county.

  1. I hate to clean!
  2. To be a house wife I would have to be married and have a house which I don’t. 
  3. I couldn’t stand to be home all day!
  4. I couldn’t deal with camera’s in my face and taping me.
  5. I wouldn’t do well with people judge me on what I do 
  6. I don’t want people to see what I do behind closed doors
  7. I don’t get along well with others!
  8. Most of them are rich and I don’t have the money and if I did you couldn’t pay me enough to let people watch me.
  9. I like to invisible
  10. My life is boring! 

There is my list of 10 reasons.  They aren’t every good but it was all I could think of.

Also I still some openings for blog designs so if you are interested please let me know!  I also a a few giveaways come up!
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  2. Brittney says:

    I dont think the audience would like me I have a boring life as well hah

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  5. I wouldn't want cameras recording my every move either.

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