Day 28- Whats In My Handbag/Purse

Well I did a post on it before so I am just going to link that post to this one that way I don’t have to take more pictures and things like that.
I am going to take part in the Writers Workshop this week. Here are the prompts for this week:

1.) What would you change about your life if you could? 2.) I wish I would have…describe a time when you didn’t take action, but later wished you would have.
3.) A collector you know.
4.) Photographs can turn a house into a home. Share a photograph that is not on your wall, but should be…if you weren’t so lazy about actually putting it there.
5.) Write a list of 100 things you want to do before you turn 100. Otherwise known as a “bucket list”.
(inspired by my feelings and the conference that hurt them when it rejected my admission after applying and spending at least 15 minutes on a bucket list for what now seems no good reason. I’m fine with it. Really.).

I have chosen to write on #1 even though I like a lot of them this week.  I think I am going to use them through out the week so that I can post about the ones that I like!

If I could change something about me it would be all the negative thoughts that go through me head all the time.  Even though I am trying to be positive a lot of the time I just can’t seem to see the good in things.    I will keep trying and I hope one day I will be good at it.  I always have wished I could be the kind of person who sees the good in things and doesn’t worry about what is going to wrong.  I think part of the problem is that I am so convinced that something is going to go wrong that make it go wrong.  I am convinced that because my brain is always negative I am only going to see the bad in things and people.  So if I had to pick one thing I would change that would be it!

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  1. I can be negative, too. The thing I would really like to change is my relationship with food. (And consequently my yo-yo weight.)

  2. blueviolet says:

    I hate to say it, but I'm a half glass full kind of girl too. 🙁

  3. The Millennial Housewife says:

    Love your blog and Happy SITS day!

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