I am sure my readers that live in Utah have heard about this story but I really felt like I needed to write about it.

Here are two links to two of the story’s about this.  I would recommend reading them and then come back and read the rest of the post.

I am sicked by the people that live in this country and I will never understand how a mother can stand by and let someone beat and murder her son and then help that same man get rid of the body.  I don’t get how that the mother could justify not getting him help.  I mean hell if she was scared of going to jail for child abuse now she is going to jail for murder!  I am not going to go into detail about what all did to the poor little guy but it is a total joke and they need to be tortured and then killed for what they did to him.  What makes it even worse is that his really dad didn’t even want to send him here.  He knew is ex was unstable and didn’t trust her with his son.  Now he is going to have to live with the fact that his son is dead.  I guess I am just pissed off and don’t understand how any parent could do this or stand by and let someone do this to their child.  If I were the mom I would have taken the child out of the environment and sent him back to his dads.  I hate how parents use their children as pawns.  I was used like that for awhile when I was a child and it isn’t any fun at all!

What does everyone else think?

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  1. Aunt Juicebox says:

    I hadn't heard this story. What a cute little guy. This is so horrible, I'll never understand how a parent can allow something like this to happen. Even if I was too scared he'd kill me and was unable to stop him, the first chance I got, I'd call the cops.

  2. Grand Pooba says:

    Oh that story makes me sick to my stomach! It's crazy that stuff like that happens right here in Utah. It makes me so mad to hear about people like that I just can't imagine how anyone can do that. I mean, how do they live with themselves?!

  3. The Brown Recluse says:

    I saw that on the news…and it really, REALLY makes me mad.

  4. Rachel Cotterill says:

    How awful 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. blueviolet says:

    It makes me want to puke!!!!!

  6. Ugh. I hadn't heard this story. It makes me sick. Poor baby.

  7. 君子如水,隨方就圓,無處不自在。………………………………….

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