Please Stop Laughing At Me

I just finished reading “Please Stop Laughing At Me” by Jodee Blanco.  I have never written a book review but I loved this book and wanted to share some parts of it with you.  More than that though I really think that everyone should read this especially teenagers.  This book is about the bullying that she endured while she went to school.  She had to go through this all through school and now as an adult isn very successful and is trying to spread more awareness of bullying in schools.
I also had to endure bullying from about 5th grade until I graduated.  I got 2 years of relief when I went to a different school but when I came back it started up again.  Now what I endured wasn’t nearly as bad she what she went through but it was bad enough to make my life hell.  I think the bullying is on the rise and parents and kids need to take more of a stand to try and stop it.  I know it won’t ever be totally gone away but maybe if kids read this book they will see what it does to kids and more kids will try and stand up for the kids that are always picked on.

Margaret Tidwell

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  1. The Brown Recluse says:

    I imagine that only the kids who are being bullyied would read the book. Bullies would never see themselves as bullies. They're too blinded by hate and stupidity. And usually, they hate themselves worst of all. So sad.

  2. MommieDaze says:

    It's really sad how cruel kids can be, and how deeply it can affect children. I was an outgoing child until I moved to a new school where everyone teased me. My defense was to shut up and not talk to anyone. It turned me into a shy person, and I still struggle with it today.

  3. I've never seen this book. I'm definitely going to get it. I have a daughter with autism and I know there will come a day when I/she will have to deal with bullies. She's only 6, but I know the middle school years will be the hardest and I'm not looking forward to it.

  4. gringationcancun says:

    Thanks for posting about this. I only went through 1 year of intense bullying from some girls during my Junior year.

    Luckily, in my senior year, one of them had a change of heart and did everything she could to say nice things about me to other people.

    At the end of senior year, she apologized to me and said I had done nothing to deserve what she did to me, and she was very sorry.

    I forgave her, of course, but the memories of embarrassment still hurt a little.

  5. Looks excellent, thank you. I am sorry you were bullied so badly. Just another of the 1000's of reasons I home school mine.

  6. misssrobin says:

    Good for you for standing up and talking about something so important. I just put this book on hold at my local library and will pick it up soon. I look forward to learning more.

    Bullying stinks. I can't imagine anyone going through life without experiencing it because it has been a big part of my life. I hope you are able to heal from your experiences with it.

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