Not The Updated I Expected

So this post was going to be an update on my cats because I haven’t written anything about them in years but I didn’t feel right considering what happened on Monday.  I don’t know that I have ever posted about my grandparents cat name Vinnie on here but he was another black & white kitty like my Alley Cat is.  He was older than she is but he has had a tough life as well.  He was shot at one point and has been kicked & stomped on among other things.

Anyway we had to put him down on Monday night and even though he wasn’t my cat I still did love him.  I grew up with him so it was hard to put him down.  Because of that I don’t feel up to writing a update on my cats right now.  Alley does have some health problems going on so I will write the update soon but right now just didn’t seem like the right time.  Instead I am going to post a few pictures of him and leave it at the for this week.  I also have a video of him that I am going to post as well.

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Wrapping Presents with Vinnie