Now On WordPress

So I finally made the jump to a WordPress self hosted site for both my blog and business. I was scared to make the jump because I didn’t know if I would be able to figure it out and it was so overwhelming thinking about everything that would have to be changed. All of you should know about Jacqui by now if you don’t you will be glad that you do now. She owns Wacky Jacqui Designs & Transfer To WordPress she is also the designer that got me started in blog design. I ordered the transfer last week on like Thursday she started the transfer Monday and it had it all finished yesterday afternoon. She was transferring the designs I had and all the content on both of my blogs. I was so excited that it was done so quick and she is great about answering questions. I am so glad that I made the move and I know most of you will as well. Her button to her to transfer site is above so that will get to her site also she is under the partners tab on the top as well!

Please go check her out for all your transfers!!!!!