Ten Years

I was tagged by Nikki  to play this simple game.  All you have do is describe where you will be/hope to be in 10 years, and tag 10 people to play along!

This is hard for me lets see in ten years it will 2020 and I will be 35.  I guess the main thing is I would love to be finished with school and have a job that I love.  It is hard for me to imagine where I will really be in ten years.  I guess all that I really want is to be happy!!!

Now on to the hard part.  I have to tag 10 people.

  1. Elle from A is for effort B is for blog
  2. Jane
  3. Shannon
  4. Desert Rose
  5. Angie
  6. Eva 
  7. Mejis
  8. Gregory
  9. City Girl Gone Country
  10. Confessions From A Working Mom