MS Tuesdays

I found this really interesting topic on MS on one of the other blogs I read.  I am not going to quote his blog but I went and found a article on it.  They have found a way to use stem cells to make the myelin sheath around the nerves that is damaged by when the immune system attacks the nerves in MS patients.  The research was done at Universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh.  They found the mechanism to make the stem cells start regenerating myelin around the nerves.  The myelin insulates the nerves like the the plastic that surrounds a copper wire.  When the myelin gets damaged the nerve doesn’t work as well or even work at all.  They are also hoping that the research done with help people develop drugs that will promote myelin repair in MS patients
So if there is away to fix what damage has been done then they can reverse the damage and even cure the disease.  Now this has only been done in rats but if they can do it there then they are getting closer to trying it  in humans.  I have always figured that stem cells were going to be the way to helping people with MS and I am so glad to see that it can possible work.

I am out of ideas on what to post about so if you want to know something please leave a comment.  I am not going to do this every week anymore because I don’t know what to post about.  So please leave me comments on what you want to know and I will write it up for next Tuesday.


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