Happy New Year

Saturday 9: Do Ya
1. Do ya love New Year’s Eve? What did you do? (Or if you arrived here early, what are your plans?)
No I don’t like New Years Eve.  I never do anything but stay home and go to bed early.
2. What’s something nice you did for someone else this year?
I can’t really think of anything but I always try and help everyone that I come in contact with.
3. Who do you wish could find their inner spirit to become more comfortable in their life?
Everybody I hate to see people that hate themselves.  There are certain people but I am not going to name people because I don’t want to forget anyone.
4. What’s the best thing to inherit other than money?
5. How many members of your family not living with you did you see on Christmas Day?
Nobody actually
6. When spending time with family, how long after you arrive do you begin to feel “antsy” about being there too long?
It depends on who the family is but it usually doesn’t take me very long to get tired of people.
7. Is your family more likely to have pleasant discussions or heated arguments during a big meal? Do you join in or quietly listen in?
We don’t really eat together anymore but my brother and I always used to fight during family meals.
8. Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas? What one thing that you didn’t get would you like to have received?
Ya I did.  I picked everything out and was happy with what I got.
9. What’s one area of your life you really improved this year?
I want to lose all the extra weight I am carrying around.