Day 4- Views on Religion #30DayChallenge

Views on Religion

Today’s topic is my views on religion.  Now this is something I have never written about because I didn’t want to start drama but I am in a place now in my life where I am okay with everything.  Now that doesn’t mean I want drama but I am okay if it happens because of this post.

I was raised LDS or as most people know us as is Mormon.   I stopped going when I found out I was pregnant because I refused to deal with how people treated me.  I know church isn’t about the people  but it is hard to go when everyone just stares at you.    I have always hated how some members of my church feel the need to judge everyone but that is another post for another day.

I also don’t think that you have to be a certain religion.  As long as you are a good person and treat others well then everything is okay.  I refuse to believe that God will condemn anyone because they aren’t the right religion.  I basically just accept everyone for who they are and I leave it at that.  I won’t judge others like I have been judged.