Lost Faith…Karma’s A Bitch!

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I have lost total faith in the justice system in Utah.   I have a friends who’s boyfriend is locked up and was just sent to prison for something that he shouldn’t have been sent to prison for.  I am not going to get into the story because it isn’t my story to tell but I know the facts and it isn’t fair in the least that he is in prison for this crime.  I am truly amazed at the fact that he is there.  It makes me really wonder how many people we really convicted that are innocent and we make them waste their lives sitting in jail and or prison for something that they didn’t do.  I think at times people that don’t have any money to fight it get locked up because people are unwilling to do there jobs and find the person that really committed the crime.  It is also upsetting that we are letting people out of prison that really are going to go out and rob people or rape people again and yet we are keeping people in prison for things they didn’t do.  I would be so mad if I found out that the person who hurt me had be released because the prison was too full.
Now that being said I believe as do his girlfriend that he deserves to be in prison because of things that he did when he was younger. This has taught be that karma is a bitch and everyone will get theirs at some point.  I think people think that if it doesn’t happen right away then they got away from karma.  Well I hate to break it to the world but you will never get away from your karma it will always find you and give you what you deserve!