A Week In My Life

So this week I am going to be linking up over at Adventuroo.  She is a doing “A Week In My Life”.  I have never done anything like this but I am excited to follow along so that everyone can see what a typical week is like for me.  For these posts you can vlog, take pictures and/or write about your week.  I am going to try and take pictures as I go through my day so you can see my day.  I also may video some of my day as well.  I am sure everyone would get a good laugh out of some of the things that happen at work.  As most of you know I am the only girl in the building anymore so things can get crazy at times!  This first picture is what I can see from my desk at work:

Monday’s are always crazy for me and I didn’t have time to take many more pictures.  I am going to try hard to take video tomorrow but I am not sure if it will let me upload it because my Blackberry is having major issues right now so I am going to try.  If it won’t let me take video and upload it then I will for sure take lots of pictures so everyone can see what I do.

Today I just answered phones, typed up the bid list and put out fires as them came.  I did come home after work and get a few things done on my own blog and also started some new designs for clients.  I am getting ready to lay down so I am hoping I will have more for tomorrow!

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Thanksgiving Pictures

This pictures were taken yesterday and wow do I look fat!!!!