My 2013 Goals

2013 Goals

Instead if making new years resolutions I am just going to list some goals of things I would like to see happen this year.  I never stick to resolutions so I think that by just making a few goals I will be more likely to stick to them.

  • I want to try and post at least 3 times a week on this blog.  I would really like to post 5 times a week but there are some weeks that I am so busy with work that I just won’t have the time.
  • I want to get my design business up and running this year.  I have really struggled with making the time to design this past year and I do miss it so I am going to make time for that.
  • I want to pay off my car and get a new MacBook and I also want an iPhone.
  • Spend less money and save more.
  • Eat better

For now those are all that I can think of.  I may update this once a quarter so that I can keep on track and let everyone know how I am doing with them all.