Its In The Bag

A Hasty Life

So I am so sorry this is so late getting up.  I went and saw Jeff Dunham last night and didn’t get around to getting it posted.  I found this fun blog crawl on Ashley’s blog.  We are supposed to post a picture of our purse and one or several of what is in my purse.  Then we discuss what is in our purse and what is says about me.  Yesterday it was Trying Our Best turn to host it and tomorrow Julie is hosting.  Go give these ladies some love and here is my pictures with explanations!

 This is what is at the bottom of my purse when you take all of the big stuff out of it.

 This is what the inside of my purse looks like before I take the stuff out.

 This is what I keep all my prescriptions in.  This way they don’t come open and spill all over my purse and they are always super easy to find.

 This are the gloves I where in the mornings that it is below 10 degrees and I have to scrape my car windows.

 This is my pink wallet and I bought when I had a super cute pink purse to match it.

This is the note book I carry around to write down possible blog posts or things I need to remember when I am not at work or at home.

My purse is super messy but I am okay with that.  I has everything that I may ever need.  I hate being out and not having something that I may need.  I always seem to have 100 pens in my purse as well.  I always take my favorite pens home from work so that people won’t steal them.