Fly Away

For last week’s Writers Workshop I chose to post songs that told part of the story of my life.  One of those songs was this song by Sugarland.  I reason I like this song is because of these lyrics:

I’m so sick and tired of being told what’s good for me
People got lots of ideas of who I’m supposed to be

Now there are other parts of this song that I love as well but these are the first two lines in the song that jump out at me.  I love the lines because I do get tired of people who I know mean well telling me what they think I should do.  Those of you who know me know that the best way to make sure I don’t do something is to tell me that I should do it.  I have always done the opposite of what people tell me I should do.

I am the type of person who has to learn from my own mistakes so when people try and give me advice I don’t ever take it.  I know my life would/could be simpler if I would just listen when people give me advice.  I know part of this is because I am so stubborn that I have to do things my way.  Even if I know that my way isn’t the best way to go about doing something.

I love the second line because I am so tired of people telling me who they think I should be or what they think I should do with the rest of my life.  Like I said before I know most of the people who say things like that mean well but I get tired of hearing it.

What do you think of this song?

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