Dating & Meeting People


I have been thinking a lot about dating and things like that lately.  I am sure it is just because everyone in my life is in a relationship and I am lonely.  As I have thought about dating and meeting people I have to wonder where in this day and age do you go to meet people?  I am going to list a few places I can think of and explain why meeting people there isn’t for me.

  • Bars/Clubs-First I don’t usually drink and when ever I have met people there they are always big drinkers or just looking for  random hookups.
  • Church-I don’t go to church now so why I am I going to go and meet someone there.  I guess I just don’t want to have to pretend to be someone I am not just to please someone else.  Not to mention if I did that the relationship would never work.
  • Online-I have done this and lets just say I will never do this again.  There are crazy people out there and I don’t have the patience to weed through the weirdo’s in the hope that I find the one person for me.
  • Friends-Well this might be okay if I had tons of friends but since my friend list is super short this just doesn’t work for me.

Those are the main ways I can see meeting people and none of them are right for me at least now.   I had someone I worked with once tell me that in order to date you have to be open to the idea and at least looking for someone. I think my biggest problem is I am set against dating and meeting people that even if I was presented with the chance to date I would still say no.

I am for the first time in my life okay being single and I can finally say that I am okay in my skin.  I used to say that  I was okay being single but the truth was that I really wasn’t.  Now that I have found myself I am okay being alone because I no longer need other people to make me happy.

What other ways can you meet people?  How do you feel about dating?

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