Creative Girl Media

I can’t even tell you how excited I was when I checked my emails tonight and saw that I was chosen to to be part of the Creative Girl Media team!!!!!!  I am sure that most of you know by now that I design blogs.  In the process of learning and meeting other designers I got to know April from April Showers Design Studio.  She has started The Blog Designer Network and she launched Creative Girl Media a few months ago.  When I saw that she was looking for team members I knew I had to apply because it would be such a great opportunity for me and my blogs.

The great thing about Creative Girl Media is that is just isn’t for blog designers.  It is a site for anyone and everyone!  It is for anyone woman who loves to blog and/or create things.  They are also a lot of great things that you can buy in the store.  In fact right now you can get a blog post planner for free!  This is such a great way to organize your posts and even keep track of ideas that you have for other posts.  I know I will be using this to help me get organized when it comes writing posts for both of my blogs!

Make sure you check out Creative Girl Media and let her know that you heard about it from me!

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