Being An Adult. . .Sucks!

Being An Adult . . . Sucks

A few Monday’s  ago I went to turn on my laptop and it wouldn’t start up.  I had been using it on Sunday and it worked just fine and then it didn’t work Monday night.  I tried to get it to turn on all night Monday and even Tuesday but it just does the pin wheel thing that Mac’s do and it doesn’t start.

Needless to say I am pissed off and depressed all at the same time because I am now without a laptop.  Which to someone who doesn’t blog and/or design blogs wouldn’t be to bad but for me it is driving me crazy.  All of my files are hopefully on my external hard drive but since I don’t have another mac I can’t check and I also can’t get them off of the drive.  So I am forced to either redownload them or just do without them.

It also sucks because it means that the designs I had almost finished with for my own sites are now lost to me until I can at least get another mac to grab the files off the external hard drive.

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