New MeMe


I am going to follow along with this new MeMe I found this week because I always have tons of things to complain about!!!! So here it goes!

  • I am so tired of idiot drivers that try on a daily basis to kill me while I am either driving too or from work!  It can’t really be that hard to keep your car in your lane and not drive down the middle of two lanes!  If one of you hit me I am going to drag you out of your car and beat the living hell out of you!
  • Why can’t people just get along!!!!!! (There is more on that one on my private blog)
  • The world must be filled with stupid people because I seem to be dealing with tons of them anymore!  I think those of us who have and use are brains and a dying breed!
  • I am so tired of adults acting like children!  I will never understand what people get from bullying people. It is right and I am getting tired of it happening to people.  Everyone just needs to keep their mouths shut if they have nothing nice to say to each other!

That is all for now but you all should play along!!!!