Kelly’s Letter To Her Daughters Birth Mom

This is a guest post written by Kelly of  One of the reasons Kelly feels lucky is because she has been blessed with a beautiful adopted daughter.  Although Kelly can’t send a letter directly to her daughter’s birth mother, she wanted to write what is in her heart, as if she could reach out and send a hug.  Send a hug to not only her daughter’s birth mother, but every birth mother who has had the courage to make such a difficult decision of love.

To the Birth-Mother of our (yours and mine) daughter,

I am the adoptive mom of our five year old daughter.  She came to my arms when she was eight months old.  She came into my heart, the very first second I saw her.  It was literally love at first sight.  First and foremost, please know that the baby you gave birth to, is safe, loved, and treasured.  She is the greatest gift I could ever imagine and I am thankful every single moment to you.  If it wasn’t for your courageous choice, I know my life would never hold the joy and love it does today.

As I watch her grow and see her personality develop, her skills and amazing talents emerge, I wonder what you are like.  We’ve never met and I don’t know anything about you – except what you have passed on to my daughter.  Because much of who she is, is biologically inherited, I know that you must be something like her.  For this reason, I’m guessing that you are beautiful, kind, smart, and fun.  Your daughter is all those things and more.

I want her to know that you made a difficult, unbelievably brave decision, when you decided first to give her life, and second to let her go to another family.  I can’t imagine how hard it was, and still is, to this day.  It saddens me to think that she might not be here today, if you had chosen abortion.  The world will be a better place because of this child.  She is truly incredible.  And you had enough love for her that you let her go. 

I will never find the words to express my gratitude to you.  The only gift I can give you in return, is to love our daughter with all my heart.  To give her the best of myself, the best I can give.  And I can give you a promise, that she will be loved, treasured, and cared for to the best of my ability.  I hug her and tell her every day that I will love her always and forever – I wish I could do the same for you.  I wish I could hug you and tell you I will be grateful – always and forever.

Adoptive-mothers and birth-mothers have an unusual bond.  Realistically, there are things I will never know or share with my daughter that you have and do.  There are things you will never know or share with her, that I am so blessed to have and do.  But we can never be jealous of each other, because of all things, we share the most important thing of all, we both want the best for this beautiful child

Please feel my hug and my heartfelt thanks.  Please feel the peace of knowing that your child, our child, is loved and safe and happy.  Thank you.



A Dad’s Letter To His Daughter

When Mother’s Day arrives, I have so many mixed emotions. My wife says that we shouldn’t say anything to our daughter on Mothers Day, but inside, I didn’t feel that this was right. We thought by not saying anything would spare her the pain on mothers day. Just because she gave her baby up for adoption doesn’t mean that she isn’t a mother, especially after what she went through to bring him into this world. I’m so glad that I found this web site, which I shared with my daughter. It ansered my question. So, with that said, I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to my daughter and to the adoptive mother. You did the right thing, Heather, and one day, you’ll see. The baby is safe, happy and doing well in a great family. You did what’s best for him right now. As a Mother, you made a great first decision for your son. I love you, Heather. 
Stay strong. 
Love, Dad