A Book About Me?!?!

A Book About Me

I saw this prompt: Do you have a book in you? Fact or fiction? Related to your blog or totally different? back in November when I was blogging everyday but I ran out of room for it because things got bumped when reviews and other posts had to go live.  So this one has been sitting in my draft folder and I decided now is the time to finish it and get it posted.

Recently I did a review on the book “The Three Year Lie” and I would love to write a book like that.  Where it is based on true events in my life but also has parts that are made up so that anyone reading the book won’t know what is true and what parts are made up.  This way people will know the basic story but they won’t know all the details about what happened when I was a child.

I am sure members of my family won’t want me to write parts of it but maybe the story needs to be told.  I have no idea if I ever will write the book but it is something that I think I should do the older I get.  I also am caring less if certain people in my life get pissed off if I write a book about my childhood and things that were done.

So anyway I would love to write a book about my story with some fiction thrown in so that people who don’t really know me would have no idea what the truth is.  Would you ever write a book about yourself?

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