Tuesday’s MS Post & A List Post(Day 2)

Day 2’s assignment is to write a post that has a list in it.  This shouldn’t be too hard because I love to use lists in my post.  They are easy to make and a good way to talk about things because that is how my brain works.  I am going to do this one today because I already need to use a list in this post.  Today’s topic on Multiple Sclerosis is the different types of MS.  I don’t think people realize that there are different types.  I am going to name them and then go into a little bit of detail on them.

  • Relapsing/Remitting MS– This is the type that I have.  This type is called this because it comes and goes.  You get better but most of the time not all the way better.  This is why I have some days that are worse than others or I will get super sick but over time I will get “better”.  A great example of this is when my hands when numb and I couldn’t use them but over time they have become so I can use them but they still tingle.  They feel like they are sleep and just about to wake up all the time.  Most people that are diagnosed with this type when they are in their 20’s or 30’s but like me you can be diagnosed with this type when you are younger or older as well.  I think this is one of the most common types of MS.
  • Secondary Progressive MS-This type is when people that had the previous type of MS start to just get progressively worse and don’t get better.  They say that after you have R/R MS for 10 years that the rate of developing this type is 50% higher than before and if you make it to 25 to 30 years the rate goes up to 90%.  I didn’t know this about this type and to be honest with everyone it totally scares the hell out of me!
  • Progressive Relapsing MS– This type of MS gets worse from the beginning.  They may or may not get a little bit better but they are always going to just get worse.  You may get better after the first attack but in between episodes you will keep getting progressively worse.
  • Primary Progressive MS-With this type you are always getting worse and there is no real let up of the disease.  You may have periods where you seem stable but you will never get better.  You are more likely to be diagnosed with this type of MS when you are in your 30’s or 40’s.  This type also attacks the spinal cord more than the brain.  People with this type are less likely to have problems with thinking than people that have the first two types.

Writing this post has also helped me out.  I have learned a lot while I was reading articles for this post.  I thought I knew all about what MS but I guess I still have tons of things to learn as well.  If you have anything you would like to know more about please let me know!
I got the information for this post primarily from: http://neurology.health-cares.net/multiple-sclerosis-types.php

Elevator Pitch

Today is day one of 31dbbb for me.  I am super excited to do this and see where it takes my blog.  Today they want me to write an elevator pitch.  This is basically something that sums up what my blog is about.  They want me to have one that is short and another one that is a little longer but less than 100 words.

For the short one mine is: The stories of things that happen in my world.

The longer one is: I write about MS, Adoption and life in general.  I tell it how it is and keep it real at all times.  People don’t like to hear what I have to say sometimes.

I don’t really like the either of them so it is something that I am going to keep working on and once I get them where I love them I am going to use the shorter one for my tag line on my blog header but now this is what you get!