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I am so excited to tell you all about Casey from Stress Case.   First let me tell you that I love her design!  It is super cute and something that I may do on my blog one day.  Anyway while I was on her blog and reading different post of hers I saw that she does a series called What I Wore Wednesday.  She posts pictures of what she wears and then tells where she bought the things at.  I have always wanted to try a post like that but lets just say the clothes I wear aren’t anything to be showing off.  I loved all of her outfits that she has posted on her blog!

Another post  she reflected back 6 months when she got married!  I loved looking at all of her pictures from her wedding day.  I never thought to do that kind of thing when my husband and I were on speaking terms but that is different post all together.  I had to smile when she talked about  going to the bar after the reception was over.  I so should have do that.  It would have been a blast!  I can’t get over how pretty she is and how happy she looked!

After I read her post about cake pops from Starbucks I was glad that I can’t eat gluten or I would have had to go and get some!  Here is the picture she had on her blog about them:

I have never had these but they look and sound amazing!!!!!!  I once again have to thank god that I can’t eat gluten because I would eat way to many of them if I could eat them.  Just looking at the picture is making me hungry.

The funnest post I read of hers has to be “The One Where a Piggyback Ride Goes Terribly Wrong”.  Of all her posts this has to be my favorite. I am not going to give it away so you are going to have to go over to her blog and read the post!

All in all Casey is a great writer.  It was so easy to get into her writing and understand what she is saying.  I could read her blog all day long.  She puts so many details into her post that you can follow the story.  It is almost like you are there with her.  Like when she talked about the cake pops.  It really made me want to jump into my car and go and get one because the way she described them she made me want to go and get some!!!!  Go over to her blog and follow her also let her know that I sent you! 

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