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I haven’t posted about MS in awhile so I figured I would write up something about a new scary symptom that I have going on. Over the last year or so I have started to have a really hard time remembering what I need to do.  One time that I can remember vividly was when I was driving home and I couldn’t remember how to get home or where I was even at.  It did pass but it is always scary not knowing how to get home.  I found stat that says about 50% of people with MS will experience some type of problem with their cognitive function.  They also that only about 10% of people get so bad that it interferes with their day to day activities.  The MS website that the following functions are more likely to be affected:

  • Memory (acquiring, retaining, and retrieving new information)
  • Attention and concentration (particularly divided attention)
  • Information processing (dealing with information gathered by the five senses)
  • Executive functions (planning and prioritizing)
  • Visuospatial functions (visual perception and constructional abilities)
  • Verbal fluency (word-finding)

They said that the following are less likely to be affected:

  • General intellect
  • Long-term (remote) memory
  • Conversational skill
  • Reading comprehension

I have started to notice that I don’t many outward showing symptoms but I do have a lot of cognitive and other mental issues.  I have also noticed that I have started to have more issues with anxiety and depression than I have had before.  I think for me the MS is affecting the parts of the brain that control thinking and emotions.   This is the one symptom of MS that bugs me the most.  I feel like the disease already takes so much us why do we have to worry about losing our ability to think and function.

On another site I found it listed several ways to deal with it.

  • Keep a note pad near at all times and write stuff down as you think of it.
  • Use Post-It notes to keep reminders.
  • Have a calender that you write down appointments and/or special days in.
  • Repeat information and write down key points
  • Keep things in familiar places.  Like putting your keys in the same spot every day so that you don’t forget where they are at.
  • Have conversations in quiet places where there aren’t many distractions.
  • Keep your mind active by doing crossword puzzles.
  • Use your cell phones address book and calender to help remind you of things you have to do.

Those are just a few of things they listed.  I hope this is helpful to everyone.  Like always if you want me to write on a topic just let me know.  I am always looking for ideas.



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  1. Moana Brantwood says:

    Dear Margaret
    Your post was very informative. I know three people who suffer with MS, but they've never mentioned memory issues. Perhaps they're not willing to divulge. It's opened my eyes. Thank you. I wonder though, could any of the medication used in treating MS be responsible for the memory issues you mentioned? I've heard of Cholesterol tablets that are responsible for people 'losing time'. Could there be a connection?
    Blessing and prayers for good health
    Moana x

  2. I haven't seen any research on that issue. I don't think it is the medications but then again I don't know that for sure.

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