Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

 I am excited that I am hosting the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse.  I found out about this carnival from one of the Bloggers that has made me realize that I have a voice and can speak about things in my past.  Tracie is an amazing person who is helping many people by talking about her past and what she has gone through.  When I agreed to do this I thought I was ready to share my story with everyone but now that the time has come to write I have found I am not yet ready to share.  I know the time will come.  I am instead going to share a letter that was written by a women that is like one of my mom’s.  She asked me if she could submit it even though she doesn’t have a blog and I said of course.  Here is what she wrote:

Dear Mom and Dad,

Please think about a few things for me. The next time you want to raise your arms to hit me, would you wrap them aroung me tight and love me instead? The next time you want to use your hand to slap me, will you use your hand to tickle me and make me laugh? The next time you want to use your foot to kick me, let’s play footsie under the covers and make each other giggle. The next time you want to use your mouth to yell, scream and say horrible words to me, maybe you could sing me a song or tell me you love me instead. I’m just a little kid who wants to be loved.
Now on to the other articles for this month.
-Advocacy and Awareness

Lyn Harris presents Never Too Young for Child Abuse posted at Lyn’s Circle: Chronicles of a Married Feminist.

Nancy Campbell presents “We Don’t Keep Secrets in Our Family” posted at Away We Go.

Paul presents Down and Out and Onward and Upward posted at Mind Parts.

Shanyn presents Let Them Fall posted at Scarred-Seeker.
-Healing and Therapy

Kate presents A Fairy Tale « Kate1975’s Blog posted at Kate1975’s Blog.

Hope presents Spell check doesn?t understand DID posted at The Hope For Trauma.

AM White presents Life Experiences; From Survivor to Thriver posted at From Survivor to Thriver.

Leah presents Survivorship, Friendship and Healing posted at Leah’s Life.
Rick Belden presents present time posted at poetry, dreams, and the body

Heart Works presents She Remembers posted at Silence Is Not Golden.
-Survivor Stories

Shah presents Carnival Against Child Abuse – Supporting Survivors posted at WordsinSync
-Art Therapy

Paul presents My Self Portrait posted at Mind Parts.

I was so glad I did this.  There are so great articles this time!  I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I have.


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  1. shah wharton says:

    Thank you for hosting this carnival – it's so touching. I'm gonna head over and spread support to the other contributors. Shah form X

  2. From Tracie says:

    Margaret! Thank you so much for hosting this month. You rock. Your kind words are much appreciated. You will be able to share your story when the time is right.

    That letter that your friend shared with you is so powerful.

  3. Thank you for sharing, Margaret…it brought back to many memories. I'm scanning hundreds of old slides that my dad gave me which are happy yet painful at the same time. I'll habe to show them to you. Love you!

  4. Rick Belden says:

    Thanks very much for hosting and giving everyone the opportunity to contribute.


  5. Marj aka Thriver says:

    What an awesome job you've done! Thank you so much for hosting. I really like the letter you started the carnival edition off with…it made me cry.

    I'm glad to see there are some old veterans submitting here and also some bloggers who are new to me. Good work, everyone! Okay, I'm off to read and comment now. Thanks again!

  6. Patricia Singleton says:

    Margaret, I am late to the party. Late is better than not being here at all.

    Thank you so much for hosting the Carnival this month. I wasn't able to turn in any of my own posts as submissions this time. Thanks for sharing the beautiful letter from your friend.

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