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It is Tuesday so that means it is time for a post by Jacqui.  This week she has written about her ghost stories.  She is also the designer of my blog layout!  She blogs at The In & Outs.  Everyone needs to clink on the link and go check out her blog!!!!!

So here are my ghost stories.
I really think that I have something attached to me. Every placed I’ve lived there has been something going on. When I lived at my moms the box fan (remember when everyone had those) in my room would turn on and off for no reason. One time I had it unplugged and was going to put it away during the winter and it starts to spin. I didn’t have the window open or anything to cause a breeze. My TV/radio would change channels for no reason or turn on. When I moved to my grandmas same thing would happen with the fan so I bought a new one (one of those mini fans from Wal-Mart that was like 12 bucks) and the same thing would happen. Same thing with the TV and radio and this time I had a different TV and radio. I don’t care if I have a ghost attached to me, maybe it’s my dad, a girl could dream right. If you don’t know that story my dad passed away when I was almost 9.
Okay so I move to Las Vegas soon after my 18th birthday and the same things happen there too. Fans start, TVs turn on (even hubs TV would), and radios (both hubs and my radio would do this at the same time) would play this classical music when not even plugged in. This one time I was sitting on my bed and I herd a squeaking noise from the living room so I go and look. When I enter the room my computer chair was spinning around it stopped and then it spun the other way.
Ok so since then we have live in 2 other apartments and the TV and radio stuff happens from time to time, lights turn on and off, the fan spins but everything else seems really quite.
Now we move into this house and things start up again. I will start with Benjamin’s TV; it always turns on every night and it’s always on the black and white fuzzy screen. It’s always showing this same image, and it’s just weird. I know ghost can communicate those that black and white screen, it’s called whit noise. Yes I am a big believer of ghost and I watch everything related to ghost. Now everytime that black and white screen is on and Benjamin sees it he freaks out, he starts to cry and shake. So now I have to make sure the TV is unplugged that is in his room. Even when I am right there and I am switching channels on his TV to go from the Direct TV to the channel I have it set up for the DVD it goes through one of those black and white screen, Benjamin just starts to freak out. I don’t know if he sees something that I can’t see because they say kids can see ghost.
Last week hub’s wakes me up asking where I put the controller for the TV downstairs. I told him where I put it normally and he says it not there. So I go downstairs half asleep and I ask did you look in the couch and he says yes but ill look again maybe I missed a place. So he removes all the cushions and pillows from the couch and its not there. So he puts it all back and I am looking behind the couch thinking maybe it fell behind the couch; so while I am looking I pick up a pillow that’s on the couch and the controller is there. Once I pick it up the TV turns on and it’s on that black and white fuzzy screen.
Now we go to what happened this Wednesday. I was on the computer doing some designs and I hear something fall. I go to the kitchen and look and something that I had on top on my kitchen cabinets was on the ground. I didn’t have the air on so it couldn’t be the draft from that and it was too heavy for anything to knock it down. I know it wasn’t the cat because she been sleeping in her bed next to me the whole time I was on the computer. So I pick up the thing that fell, it was plastic so it didn’t break and put it back up on top of the cabinet to see if it happens again. About 2-5minutes pass by and both TVs upstairs turn on really loud and they are on that black and white screen with the same image showing on both TVs. So I turn them off and try to talk to them, I said “you don’t need to play these games and that I can try to help you.” Then I go back to my designs.
Hub’s thinks that I am crazy for trying to communicate with it. Since then I haven’t had any activity. Its funny, I was texting my friend JD telling him about this and he’s like its not wanting to communicate with you any more because you’re getting entertained with it! Whatever it is wants to scare you not entertain you. HAHA
So that’s my ghost story!
I hope you all enjoyed her post!  I am always looking for guest posters and things like that so if anyone is interested please let me know!


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  1. blueviolet says:

    This is really creepy!!!!

  2. I think it is pretty awesome.

    I was going to suggest talking to it and asking it to please leave Benjamin alone since he is scared. Who knows, might work!

    It does sound like it is a spirit that is attached to you though, not a house!

    I am a total believer!!

  3. Aunt Juicebox says:

    Freaky! I think we have a ghost cat in our condo.

  4. How freaky! You know, I once read that, if you really have a ghost, even if it's a friendly ghost, you should never try to communicate with it in any way, bc usually, it's actually a mean ghost trying to gain your trust by being friendly. But once you talk with it, you actually invite/encourage it to stick around, and then it shows its true colors (being mean and evil). Hey, it's just what I read. ;P

  5. Gucci Mama says:

    I know what you mean. I have a toilet ghost. I even snapped a picture of it. Pretty horrifying. I wrote all about it a couple months ago. Totally worth the hunt through my archives.


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