Day 8-A Picture That Makes Me Sad Or Angry

Todays entry is going to be super easy for me.  Here is one picture that makes me sad and angry all at the same time!!!!

It is this one because that is the ex behind me in my bed room!!!!!  I pisses me off every time I see it!!!!
I hate girls that love to create drama and make peoples lives a living hell.  Why can’t girls seem to get over the high school drama and be nice to everyone.  I have never seen the point of the high school drama that happens.  Even when I was in high school I thought it was a waste of time and now that I am an adult it really pisses me off.  Why can’t people just grow the hell up.  Now none of this has happened to me but it is happening to a friend and it is pissing me off!  I will never understand why people can’t seem to figure out that the drama they start isn’t cute or cool at all!  I wanna bitch slap the shit out of the girls that are starting all the drama and making this persons life hell!  All I can say is grow the hell up and get over it!
Okay I am done with my rant lol.  Have a great day!

Margaret Tidwell

I am a 33-year-old blogger. I write about my life and my struggles with Multiple Sclerosis. I also am a huge bookworm, and I have been doing book reviews for years now. I even blog about adoption, Multiple Sclerosis, and things that go on in my life.

Margaret Tidwell

Margaret Tidwell

Margaret Tidwell

Margaret Tidwell

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  1. blueviolet says:

    I don't get the need for drama either. I thought when we left high school it would be over. It's not true.

    I can't believe you put that picture on here. I can't!!!!!

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