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*Well lets start off with what blog host you are using. I design blogs for Blogger hosted blogs.

*Blogger/Blogspot: These are the same thing. The blogging program is called “Blogger” and your blog address will look something like “”. Blogger is a completely free blog service and probably the easiest one to use. I have to different type of blog designs for blogger, The Classics and The Modern Designs. The Classics Designs are based off the Minima template and the Simple template in the new template designer from blogger. The Modern Designs are based off templates that I create using a template designer program. For both types I offer premade and custom designs.
*Columns for your site
Do you know how many columns you want for your site? Well I will explain them to you to help you decide by explaining them to you.
1 Column:
One column designs only have a post area and no sidebars. This design is great for photography blogs. Here is a sample: This sample is not live since I never got to finish the design.

2 Columns:
Two columns designs have only one sidebar. The sidebar can be either on the left or the right side of the blog. I love this layout since it makes the blog look really clean and simple. Here is a sample of a 2 columns design: 

3 Columns:
Three columns designs have a post area and 2 sidebars. I create this layout two different ways; with one column on each side of the post area and with two columns on the same side. The layout with the columns on the same side you have the option of having them on either the left or right side of the blog. Here are samples of these designs:
3 Columns-same side
3 Columns- split
4 Columns:
Four columns designs have a post area and 3 sidebars. The layout of this design is different then all the other, at the top of the layout it only has 1 sidebar and then it splits into 2 columns.  This design is only available for The Classic Designs with the Minima template. Here is a sample of a 4 columns design:  
Click image to see better.
*How do I sign you on to my blog/site
-Go into your Dashboard and click on Settings.
-Under Permissions please send me an email invite to be an author.
-After I accept your invitation you will need to go back into Settings/Permissions and click on “Grant Admin” next to my name.
*Please note that after your blog installation is done you can remove me as an author/admin on your blog.
A favicon is the little icon that shows up in your address bar and/or in the Tab of your page.
A button helps you get your website/blog out there. The buttons I create will have a code box attached to them so that your followers can take the code and add it to their blog/webpage.
*Post Signature
This is what you sign your blog posts with. It will automatically show up in each post.
*Navigation Bar
They help you navigate through your webpage/blog. I create this 2 ways.
-Navigation Bar With Text
-Navigation Bar with Images

*Post Divider
This is a separator between each post. This design can be as simple or as custom as you want.



*Social Network Icons

They are icons that will link to whatever social network you choose.
-Networked Blogs
-RSS Feeds
-I can also link them up to your email subscribe feed.
-I can also link them up to your GFC follow feed.
-If you have any others you would like to see as an icon let me know.
These icons can be as small as 25×25 and as big as 200×200.
*Sidebar Titles

*only avalible for Blogger Classic Designs*

Have custom images as your sidebar titles instead of just plain regular text
*If you have a question about something not addressed here, please feel free to contact me!
Custom sidebar titles instead of just regular text. Registered & Protected

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