Green With Envy

Jealousy is not a pretty emotion.  
But I think it’s fair to say that we all succumb 
to its power every now-and-then.  
We’re only human, right?
Are you … jealous much?
What makes you green with envy?
What makes your green-eyed monster break free 
and bare its teeth for all to see?
Make it a list or a story.
Include photos or don’t.
It’s All About ME YOU!
We want to get to know YOU 🙂

I am going to make a list of things that make me jealous for everyone to ready and enjoy!

  • Skinny people
  • People that love to work out!
  • People that are really outgoing because I am super shy and scared of people
  • People who have found their soul mate
  • People that live on their own 
  • People who are happy and content being single.

That is my list!  I now realize that I am a really jealous person.  I guess that needs to be something that I work on right now.

Margaret Tidwell

I am a 33-year-old blogger. I write about my life and my struggles with Multiple Sclerosis. I also am a huge bookworm, and I have been doing book reviews for years now. I even blog about adoption, Multiple Sclerosis, and things that go on in my life.

Margaret Tidwell

Margaret Tidwell

Margaret Tidwell

Margaret Tidwell

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  1. Ooo… you're not gonna like me, lol! I've been learning how destructive it is to be jealous of anything. Being jealous is the same as saying, "God, you're doing something wrong." I do don't wanna be in that position! Of course, I'm so dang human that I find myself being jealous of moms who have 5 kids and are skinny, and people who look well-dressed and put together all the time. ARGH!

  2. I get jealous of skinny people, too. And rich people. I try not to but sometimes I can't help it.

  3. Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) says:

    I'm not much of a jealous person- but if you read today's post you might think I'm harbering a little envy from years past …

  4. I hate those outgoing people too. How can they make friends so easily? They suck.

  5. blueviolet says:

    Who are those people who love to work out. I don't get that!!!

  6. The Single Sassy Chick says:

    I get jealous of those who have found their soul mate because I am still single and almost everybody I know is married or getting married and I'm still here.

  7. Don't be jealous…working toward thinness is worth the struggle and journey.

  8. Raising Z says:

    I am also a little jealous of those outgoing people. I can appear to be outgoing in certain circumstances but most of the time I am just quiet and shy.

  9. Ahh! I can so relate to the first three! I wish I were more outgoing too!

  10. MommyBrain says:

    I have Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred sitting next to my DVD player right now – I SOOOO need to just do it, but I hate working out! Guess I'll have to start envying all those mamas who get their figure right back after giving birth … 'cuz that is NOT me 🙂

    Thanks for joining us today!

  11. 很用心的blog,推推哦 .....…....……………..........

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