Well Elinore finally made me make her a blog.  So now she will be posting to her own blog whenever she can find the time between her naps.  This means that there will no longer be Fursday post.  If you would like to keep up with her and what she is up to here is the link to her blog. 
I won’t be censoring what she says so if you are easily offend I don’t know that you should read it.  Sylvia will also be making appearance on Elinore’s blog as well!


Well it is finally Fursday!!!!  I wait all week for my day to post!  Lets see this week has sucked.  On Sunday night I left Mom a present!  I was a perfect hair ball.  She didn’t seem to excited and she was cleaning it up though.  I mean it was a great gift if you ask me!  Oh well one day she will come to love them.  The other cat is being a bratt and won’t let me eat all of her food.  I mean come on I was here first and they never give me any so she should let me eat hers and just shut up about it. Like I said last week I would be happy if that cat disappeared and never came back again but Mom won’t let this happen!  Anyway back to me because it is always about me. I am mad at Mom because she won’t let me sleep on my thrown anymore.  The thrown I speak of is Mom’s pillows and her head.  Lately she has been taking a dim view of me sleeping on her head while I am purring and giving her a bath in the middle of the night.  Personally I think this just shows how much I love her but I guess she doesn’t see it that way!  Oh well I am going to keep trying because I know in time she will give up the fight and I will win! 
That is all for today!  Hope everyone has a great Fursday.


All I can say today is I hurt!  I am not sure what is going on with it either.  I hate days like today that is all I can do to function because I am in so much pain.  I wish I knew why I have gone through so much and I am still suffering.  Why does one person have to go through so much and have so much in life to deal with?  Will it ever reach a point where I am not suffering like I am right now and like I have in life. I am really struggling with the “why me’s” right now.  I really wish someone out there knew why and that I could see that it all works out in the end.
I wish I had the confidence to go into what happened and what not but I am scared to let people in like that.  Maybe one day I will be confident enough to share and let people in.  I guess because of my past I am super guarded and I don’t want to have to deal with people that might be mean or rude in some way.  I am very aware of how people are and that I don’t want to  have people try and tell me how I am feeling is wrong.
Well that is enough of that pitty party.  Thank you all for reading and following my blog.  I also want to thank you all for all the comments.  I love reading them!

Totally Stressed

This week has totally sucked and I am so ready to pull my hair out.  It seems like nothing is going right.  Just when things started to look up for me they always seem to take turns for the worst.  I am trying to keep my head up through it all but it never seems to get better no matter how hard I seem to try.  I mean just when I was going to be able to buy a lap top for myself I went and wrecked my car.  Now I owe my Grandparents $500 dollars and I am never going to be able to get a lap top.  Right after the accident my health insurance decided to be stupid and now I trying to deal with and keep all the new bills straight.  I am being billed for things that I have already paid or things that they need to pay.  Who knew that insurance companies could suck as bad as this one does.  It seems like they like to create problems and then play stupid when I call them for the 100th time.  I also amazes me how papers and notes just disappear.  I wish I could make my bills just disappear like the insurance company makes notes and papers disappear.  I am going to have to work on figuring out how they do it so that I can do it for myself.
Work is also really stressful and I am left wondering everyday if I am going to have a job the next day.  It is starting to get scary and I know my time with the company is probably coming to an end.   I really have no idea what I will do if I am to lose my job.  I know that unemployment will take care of me for awhile but I don’t know if that will be enough to keep my head above water until I can find a new job.  I guess all I can do is wait and hope that it doesn’t happen and if it does that I will be able to find a job quickly.
I know this post is basically just me bitching but I need to get things off of my chest and write how I feel.  This blog is therapy for me and if you don’t like it then don’t read it!  Ok don’t do that but just leave rude comments or what not.  I can handle that.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!